What’s Next?

Thank you for selecting our course as part of your online/hybrid journey to building equitable, student-centred virtual environments that encourage and support students in working confidently, through engaged participation and collaboration, in a variety of active learning opportunities.

This resource has provided a lot of suggestions and ideas for your teaching practice. Reviewing your courses can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve come away with a lengthy list of ideas and fixes.

Module 2 on UDL introduced the “Plus One” idea: a strategy to tackle change iteratively, one step at a time. We think this philosophy can be applied to all aspects of course building, whether it’s UDL, an assessment strategy, designing your course shell or building a community. Take it one step at a time.

We hope that as you implement changes in your online teaching, you return to this resource, again and again to seek more ideas and find more areas to improve. We hope it continues to provide value past the first reading!

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