Module 4: The Virtual Classroom as a Learning Community

Module 4 Conclusion


We all want to make excellent courses — courses that are clear, cohesive and legible — experiences that our learners will find inspirational. We want to build things that will challenge our learners in pursuit of the best versions of themselves. Even if you embrace the elements and qualities explored here you might still fall short of your expectations, and that’s okay. Every obstacle or stumbling block is something to be reconsidered and iterated on. These challenges might present in the first week or years later, even after you think you’ve sanded down all the sharp corners and rough edges. More than the production of “the ultimate courseware,” the virtues of authenticity and communication will serve you endlessly as you craft new and meaningful communities. So long as you remember to start from a place of empathy, honesty and passion, you’ll always find your way forward.


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