The Open Access Teaching Case Journal (OATCJ) is a multi-disciplinary repository of quality, real-world teaching cases for students and instructors that are free-to-use, free-to-publish, and accessible to all. The journal is supported using open educational practices (OEP) and is aligned with the United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) by providing a rigorous and developmentally supportive peer-review process for case authors without the expectation of financial remuneration. OATCJ has a diverse Editorial Board and a robust reviewer community from a broad spectrum of disciplines.

The OATCJ is supported by the Case Research Development Program (CRDP), led by the Case Research Committee comprised of Conestoga faculty and administrative staff. The CRDP offers case research and writing development opportunities via program activities such as workshops, mentorship, Case RoundTable events, research partnership alignment, and academic conference support to assist case authors in developing their case research, writing, and presentation skills. The OATCJ provides an accessible peer-reviewed publishing outlet for case writers. We provide developmental and editorial support for all case research writers. The CRDP also promotes the use of case research in education to enrich the student learning experience by providing relevant course materials based upon real-world problems to allow students the opportunity to develop their problem-solving and analytical skills through the application of theoretical frameworks to a variety of case situations.

Open Access Teaching Case Journal


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