Unit 2: The Writing Process



Common COMM Course Learning Outcomes

This unit supports the following course learning outcomes (COMM 3048, COMM 3073, COMM 3074, COMM 3075, COMM 3077, COMM 3080, COMM 3082):

  • 2. Analyze an audience and tailor a message to that audience (objective/subjective writing, persuasive writing, internal/external audience).
  • 3. Apply principles of grammar, punctuation, and editing appropriate to professional writing.
  • 4. Prepare documents according to basic principles of formatting and visual communication in various written documents.
  • 7. Employ research skills including locating, selecting, evaluating, and documenting source materials.

COMM 3020:

  • 1. Communicate clearly, concisely and correctly in the written, spoken and visual form that fulfills the purpose and meets the needs of the audience.
  • 4. Compose stylistically appropriate business documents.
  • 7. Synthesize research sources in an APA-style, analytic report.
  • 10. Implement principles of properly documenting the use of research sources and others’ ideas.



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