2 Migration and Methodology

What methods do scholars use to study migration history? What are the possibilities and the limits of the different types of sources they use?

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Library and Archives Canada has several useful digitized databases and document collections allowing students to examine original immigration documents. These include databases of ship arrivals, passenger lists, migrant porters and domestics, Chinese migrants, and naturalization documents. Visit them here.

La Bibliothèque et Archives Canada possède une vaste collection de sources historiques numérisées sur l’immigration, dont des bases de données d’immigrants pour le Canada, de navires, de porteurs et domestiques, de migrants Chinois, et de dossiers de naturalisation.

Visitez leur site ici.

Pier21/Quai21 https://pier21.ca/

https://masscapture.ca, a collection of Chinese head tax certificates

The Portuguese Canadian History Project https://pchp-phlc.ca/

The Greek Canadian History Project http://archives.library.yorku.ca/gchp/

The Coptic Canadian History Project https://thecchp.com/about/

The Italian-Canadian Archives Project https://icap.ca/


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