Module 4: Quality facilitation and improvement

4.1 Module overview

Welcome to Module 4! This module focuses on the final stages of the online course life cycle, namely facilitation and improvement. While designing a high-quality online course is crucial to a great experience for you and your learners, what you do when teaching your course during term and how you improve it after that can be just as impactful as good design.

In the first three modules, we focused on the Nine Events of Instruction framework. For this module, we change gears to focus on the Community of Inquiry framework for online teaching, which we will explain in the coming pages.

In this module, you will be asked to think about the following key questions:

  • How can you create a sense of community within an online course?
  • How can you support student engagement with course materials and activities during a course offering?
  • How will you assess the success of your online course design and plan for changes and improvements?
Deliver & Revise – Module 4: Quality facilitation & improvement. Image description provided below.
Caption: The structure of this course is shown, with the four modules mapped to the three stages of online course development. Module 4 Quality Facilitation and Improvement pertains to the Deliver and Revise stage.
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Module learning outcomes

By the end of the module, you should be able to

  • identify facilitation strategies that you will use to build your presence and foster an inclusive, supportive environment in your online course;
  • create opportunities for learners to engage in meaningful interactions that foster a sense of belonging to a learning community; and
  • create a plan for iterative improvement in your online course design and delivery.

Key terms

The following is a list of key terms that you might find useful to review prior to working through the content of this module:

Sections in this module

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4.2 Module examples, strategies, and templates

4.3 Introduction to Community of Inquiry framework

4.4 Building teaching presence during term

4.5 Fostering social presence during term

4.6 Assessing and revising your course

4.7 Summary: Facilitating for community

4.8 Resources for further study

4.9 Bibliography

Activities in this module

The module activities are designed to help you create materials that you can use while teaching your online course, and for assessing and revising it after term. For ease of use, clicking the provided links will allow you to jump directly to the location of the course where the activity is located.


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