Tutors for Communication Essentials

Library and Academic Success at Georgian College is pleased to announce that we have partnered with the Liberal Arts department to offer a new tutoring service specifically for COMM1016 students this semester.

Tutors for Communication Essentials are available to all students registered in the course.

Why work with a tutor?

Tutors can…

  • coach you through course concepts
  • help you learn new study skills and resources
  • help you feel confident reaching your academic goals
  • direct you to appropriate services and resources when needed

Book a Tutor for COMM1016

For winter 2024, COMM1016 tutors are available within the Writing Centre for both virtual and in-person assistance. Tutors may also be available for your other courses/programs – check Penji or connect with Academic Success for more details.

How to Book a COMM1016 Tutoring Appointment (Text version)

How to book a Tutoring session

To book an appointment, you can:

  • Use the Penji app or Visit the Penji website
    • Select Tutoring
    • Book a COMM1016 Appointment
  • Email: Academic Success – academicsuccess@georgiancollege.ca
  • Phone toll free: 1.877.890.8477 or Barrie area: 705.722.1518
  • Stop by Academic Success at the Barrie campus Library to chat with someone in person

Watch Tutoring | Book a Tutor Appointment | Penji Tutorials (2 mins) on YouTube

Other Student Supports

Your tutor will help you identify other college supports and services to help improve your success this semester. If you haven’t already, consider the following supports:

For a full list of student services, please visit the Student Success page on MyGCLife [new tab]

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