8.4 – Source Type: Trade Publication Cues

Learning Objective

After completing  the activities in this chapter, you will be able to:

  • identify a trade publication based on cues associated with this source type.

Examine the source and click on the (i) information symbol symbol to learn about each cue that helps to identify a trade publication.

Source Type: Trade Publication Cues

Graphics & Ads

Trade publications are generally more like popular magazines than scholarly journals due to their use of graphics. Graphics are present on the cover, in articles illustrating their topic, and as advertisements geared towards the journal’s audience.

Specific focus

Trade journals and magazines are created for specific professional fields and contain articles that are generally written by professionals in that field.

Discovering Trade Journals

Trade publications can be found in library databases and websites. This example (Teach) was found on the journal’s website, but it is also found in multiple library databases.

Professional Authors

Articles may have short descriptions of the author’s credentials or no description is provided. These credentials may emphasize their professional experience rather than their academic experience. Authors are typically listed right after the title of the article. Occasionally, you might find the author’s name at the end of an article or footer of the page (similar to a magazine).

Short Articles & References

Trade publication articles are usually short, with few or no references cited, and focus on a specific topic within the profession (news, products, trends, professional practices, etc.). Authors are often experts in their field, but their articles are not peer-reviewed (i.e. scholarly). Articles may appear in a similar lay out to magazine articles, use more pictures and visual layouts than scholarly journal articles.

Language used

Trade publications use simple language and specific terminology used within their specific field.

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