8.5 – Source Type: Webpage Cues

Learning Objective

After completing the activities in this chapter, you’ll be able to

  • identify the source cues associated with webpages

Examine the source and click on the (i) information symbol symbol to learn about each cue that helps to identify a webpage.

Explore: Identifying features of a webpage

screenshot of the CAST website with visual markers noting the URL, search option, social media, website title
Websites can be identified by visual markers such as a URL, search option, social media and website title. Image source: Adapted from “UDL On Campus: UDL in Higher Ed by CAST, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0
Explore: Identifying features of a webpage (Text version)

Title of webpage: UDL in Higher Ed
Web Address (URL):http://udloncampus.cast.org/page/udl_landing
Search Option:located at top of page after the navigation.
Social Media Links:this website links to facebook and twitter

Activity source: “Explore: Identifying features of a webpage” is adapted from “Source Type: Webpage Cues” In APA Style Citation Tutorial by Sarah Adams and Debbie Feisst, University of Alberta Library, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International License. / Modified to include updated screenshot of CC licensed page from same website.

Source Type: Webpage Cues

Web Address (URL)

This has a web address, so we know that it is a source found online.

Tab-Style Navigation

Websites often use tabs to organize information within the website. Tabs are generally shown within a distinct colour band along the top of the page and may have drop-down menus.

Search Box

Websites provide a search box to find specific topics or keywords on their webpages. This is often located in the top right corner of the screen.

Social Media Links

Many websites and webpages include links to their social media accounts and options for sharing on your social media. Look for these to the left or right side of the webpage on your screen.

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