1. Choosing Resources Using the Stages of Development

Envision YU resources are labelled according to the stages of development. In first- and second-year courses, you may want to focus on the Comprehending and Developing stages whereas third- and fourth-year courses could raise the bar by integrating module components that require Applying and Advancing stages of competency.

By integrating all the components of a module in a single course, you can guide your students through all four stages of development. Additionally, students may encounter the same Envision YU learning modules in several courses throughout their degrees, so will be able to progress through the stages with greater awareness of their development in specific areas of the Envision YU curriculum over time.

The following video provides an example of how an instructor might utilize the Stages of Development to select resources related to the transfer capacity in a course or across a program.

How Instructors Can Use Envision YU Tools (.PDF)


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