Resources for Instructors

In order to support the instructors to create their own adapted course materials out of the provided modules, some of the source documents (tests & Images) are shared in this chapter as raw materials.

Please note that all videos are downloadable and the instructors are allowed to download and modify them in any way they prefer.

Module 1: Evidence-Based Practice

Module Script: Module 1 scripts

Module Media:


Module 2: Books

Module Script: Module 2 – Scripts

Module Media:

Module 3: Web Information

Module Script: Module 3 scripts


Module 4: Journal Articles

Module Script: Module 4 Scripts

Module 5: Patents

Module Script: Module 5 Scripts

Module 5 – Lightboard

Storyboard – Patents

Storyboard – Scene Collections

Module 6: Standards

Module Script: Module 6 scripts



Module 7: Citations

Module Script: Module 7 Script




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