3 Incorporating Digital Accessibility

The need for digital accessibility arises with all digital technology that people interact with, including websites, mobile apps, software, audio and video files, documents, and authoring tools. The content and delivery mechanism for these assets can create barriers for people with disabilities if they are not accessible.

The objective of creating an accessible product is to provide an equivalent user experience for everyone. The principle behind  inclusive design is that by providing accessible content for people who face barriers, you are also creating a better experience for everyone. In other words, creating accessible solutions needed by some will benefit many. Improving accessibility involves identifying barriers that prevent people with disabilities from accessing content and services. Improving digital accessibility reduces barriers and provides equitable access to digital content for persons with disabilities and people who use Assistive Technology (AT).

Planning for Digital Accessibility

It is crucial to consider accessibility before you create new content or procure a new technology. Good accessibility does not happen by accident. Making intentional, inclusive decisions during the planning stages will not only benefit your end users; it will also reduce effort, long-term costs, and litigation risk.

Procuring Accessible Digital Technology

Third-party software, digital solutions, or development can create barriers if they are not accessible. Including consistent and clear accessibility requirements during the procurement process will reduce risk for you and remove barriers for your end users. See the procurement section for more guidance.

Software and Website Development

Accessibility is essential throughout the development process, from the component level to the overall system design. Planning for accessibility will ensure consistency at the system level, both within and between pages. Using proper landmarks and consistent navigation at the outset will make it easier to design and develop an accessible application.

Digital accessibility does not stop at the planning stage, as with other design criteria. Incorporate testing to ensure that you meet targets before launch. See Testing for more information.


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