Research Data Management in the Canadian Context would not have been possible without the collaboration and participation of members of Canada’s academic data community, as well as representatives from agencies supporting Research Data Management.

The initial idea to create a resource of this type came from a Canadian RDM-OER listserv, which brought together RDM supporters across Canada. Lachlan MacLeod was instrumental in getting this group formed and talking about developing an open textbook on RDM. The RDM-OER listserv continued to provide input, feedback and support throughout the life of the project.

We are thankful for the project support we had from Serena Henderson during the initial phases of the project, with financial support from Dalhousie University. Yeliz Baloglu Cengay provided assistance with inputting chapters to Pressbooks.

This project could not have happened without the financial support of a number of different groups. Research Data Management in the Canadian Context is supported in part by funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. We additionally gratefully acknowledge financial support from Compute Ontario; a Western University Research Mobilization, Creation & Innovation Grant; the Western Libraries, Western University Academic Activity Support Fund; a Concordia Library Research Grant; and a University of British Columbia OER Rapid Innovation grant. Dalhousie University provided support for hiring a Project Coordinator in the early days of the project. The Digital Research Alliance of Canada provided graphics support.

The cover design is by Amy McConchie, CCGoodwin Consulting.

Copyediting services for the original English chapters were provided by Paula Chiarcos and Amanda Feeney from Colborne Communications. Copyediting services for the original French chapters were provided by Suzanne Aubin from Colborne Communications and Jonathan Dorey. Translation from French to English was done by Jonathan Dorey and Amanda Feeney. Translation from English to French was done by Manon St-Jules and Suzanne Aubin. An additional review of the French version of chapter 3 “Indigenous Data Sovereignty” was carried out by Wintranslation.

We would especially like to acknowledge the efforts of our peer reviewers, who helped ensure the academic integrity and quality of this manuscript. The following individuals provided assistance:

Jennifer Abel
Fatoumata Bah
Lacey Cain
Alicia Cappello
Erin Clary
Mathieu Clouthier
Alexandra Cooper
Lyne Da Sylva
Sarah Forbes
Jane Fry
Meghan Goodchild
Monique Grenier
Alex Guindon
Melissa Helwig
Laurence Horton
Jasmine Hoover
Fiona Inglis
Erin Johnson
Sandra Keys
Marjorie Mitchell
Nora Mulvaney
Kaitlin Newson
Paul R. Pival
Isaac Pratt
Kharah Ross
Kimberly Silk
Tara Stieglitz
Robyn Stobbs
Carolyn Sullivan
Felicity Tayler
Arielle Vanderschans
Minglu Wang
Susie Wilson
Shiloh Williams
Nadia Zurek


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