Appendix 2: Sample of a Completed Section of the MAMIC

Note: the information below has been anonymized.

Section on Institutional Policies and Processes

This area of activity covers the development and maintenance of policies related to Research Data Management (RDM), and relevant processes that are related to supporting RDM services.

Hints to consider that will impact your assessment:

  •     Scope (e.g. data stewardship, destruction of records, security and protection, etc.)
  •     Research Ethics Board (REB) guidelines
  •     Outreach plan
  •     Other institutional materials that contain relevant components

Maturity Levels:

Not applicable

  • Skip this element

0 – Does not exist OR Do not know

1 – Element is not formalized or is ad hoc.

  • Policies and procedures may be undeveloped, not up to date, and/or inconsistent.
  • Some related policies may exist but are insufficient.

2 – Element is under development.

  • Policies and procedures are being conceptualized and formulated.

3 – Element is operationalized and launched.

  • Policies and procedures are defined and standardized.

4 – Element is robust and focuses on continuous evaluation.

  • Policies and procedures are subject to review and improvement.


Not applicable – if 0 or NA are chosen for Maturity Level

  1. Offered only to specific users upon request.
  2. Available within certain units or cohorts.
  3. Available to everyone.
Category: Institutional Policies and Processes
Element Definition(s) Maturity


Scale Your Comments
Institutional RDM Strategy As defined by the Tri-Agency. This includes any Institutional RDM roadmap detailing how the strategy will be implemented. 1/2 3 Working group in place. Terms and Conditions of the Advisory Group drafted.
Institutional RDM-related Policies Includes all relevant policies at the institution that may address RDM or components related to RDM. 1 3 Maybe ITS/Cybersecurity

“Responsible Conduct of Research” (link removed)

REB guidelines

Data Management Planning-related Procedures and Guidelines Any institutional procedures or guidelines that outline how researchers should address data management plans (e.g., expectations of DMP creation, submission and/or review). 3 3 RDM librarian

Existing Portage resources

Institutional Research Computing Committee

Institutional ITS Cybersecurity

Security and Risk Assessment Policies and Procedures Any institutional procedures or policies that address security and risk assessment related to research data (e.g., legal and privacy issues, vulnerability assessments, etc.). 2.5 2 ITS Security does assessment – Full security assessment for Sharefile

Risk Assessment Plan

User responsibilities.

IT users policy

Communication and Outreach Plan Any plans for the promotion of RDM. This may include raising awareness of national policies and guidelines that affect RDM (e.g., Tri-Agency policies, funder policies, journal policies), and providing links and resources for best practices and tools. 1 3 RDM – Library


Website – Institutional Strategy

Thoughts on longer term plan (advertised for whole institution to attend)

Name and role of person(s) who filled out this table: ITS, Library, Research Office


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