Where to Go Next?

Now that we are nearing the end of the course, we need to start thinking about how you are going to apply what you have learned. These lessons and topics are transferable to many aspects of your academic, social, and professional development. For example:

  • In your current undergraduate courses
  • Possible thesis (graduate) thesis
  • Influencing future career choices
  • Continuing education (post-secondary diplomas, professional development, etc.) 

In Current Courses

Often times undergraduate courses include experiential education components. This is especially true at Brock University, where over 1,000 courses have experiential education components.
Taking courses that provide you with a different perspective is also important. This could include expanding your understanding of Indigenous history within Canada in order to ensure that you are able to cultivate a good relationship with Indigenous colleagues and communities you may eventually work with.

Thesis Research

Community engagement and outreach can be one component or a large focus of thesis work, and can be relevant in all fields of study.
It can be your focus topic. For example:
  • Exploring perceptions, attitudes, values, etc., of community members
  • Tools or frameworks to increase community engagement
  • Effects of community engagement in a program or initiative
Alternatively, it can be part of your methodology. Getting people involved can help information and results to reach a wider audience.

A Community Engagement Focus in Student Research

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