Mobile Applications

Mobile technology is becoming a popular way to connect communities across geographic locations. They can help support collaboration by creating a dedicated space for connecting, and allow for 24/7 access for those involved in a project. For example, while citizen science as a practice has been occurring since the late 1800s, the use of technology through citizen science applications has allowed more people to be involved in projects, over a greater geographical area. People can use smartphones, tablets, and associated applications for different purposes related to community engagement and collaboration:

Examples of mobile applications include collaboration apps such as Slack and MS Teams, and feedback apps such as Mentimeter.

Example: SitePodium for Community Engagement in  Construction Projects

This is an example of an app that is utilized within the construction industry to be able to engage with communities while completing construction projects. Please keep in mind, this video was produced as an advertisement for the company but it does provide a good example of ways in which technology are being used to engage with communities.




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