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Decolonizing Methodologies for Sustainability Research

This is the first of three workshops organized by University of Waterloo students on decolonization, identity and intersectionality at the university and in research process. The session is moderated by Lowine Hill and Dr. Ranjan Datta, Canada Research Chair- II in Community Disaster Research at Indigenous Studies, Mount Royal University, Calgary presents “Decolonizing the Meanings of Research: A lifelong process of learning, unlearning and relearning responsibilities”.

Sessions 2 and 3 are included below.


Panel Discussion on Innovative Partnerships and Sustainability

This discussion highlights innovative partnerships that aim to co-create solutions for urgent sustainability challenges. These partnerships are a core component of sustainability science and the work of the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre. This seminar will highlight the mutual benefits that can be realized for people and planet when Brock teams up with the community.

Featuring: Dr. Ryan Plummer (panelist), Amanda Smits (panelist), Samantha Witkowski (panelist), and Dr. Jessica Blythe (moderator).


Supplementary Reading

Read Chicago Beyond’s Why Am I Always Being Researched? A guidebook for community organizations, researchers, and funders to help us get from insufficient understanding to more authentic truth

Academic journal articles:

David-Chavez, D. M., & Gavin, M. C. (2018). A global assessment of Indigenous community engagement in climate research. Environmental Research Letters, 13(12), 123005.

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