Course Introduction

Course Overview

Effectively engaging people is essential to navigating the contemporary challenges we face. This course Building Sustainable Communities: The Impact of Engagement, prepares learners, conceptually and practically, to effectively engage actors as a key aspect of building sustainable communities. ​The course is structured into five module, which are outlined below:

Module 1: Introduction to Community Engagement

  • This module introduces the concepts of sustainable communities and community engagement, and how engaging actors can contribute to addressing sustainability challenges.

Module 2: Information Gathering and Sharing

  • This module discusses methods and considerations for gathering information from and sharing with communities.

Module 3: Collaboration

  • This module focuses on collaboration and provides an overview of different methods of working together, and the benefits and challenges associated with those processes.

Module 4:  Monitoring and Evaluation

  • This module defines monitoring and evaluation and explains how it can be used in different ways to contribute to building sustainable communities

Module 5: Creating Connections for the Future

  • The lessons in this final module discuss the ethical considerations of engagement and presents learners with pathways for future directions of learning and application.  


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