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Decolonization Is for Everyone | Nikki Sanchez | TEDxSFU



Supplementary reading

Read Working in Good Ways: A framework and resources for Indigenous community engagement, a framework developed by the University of Manitoba in consultation with community partners 

Read Bringing the Sustainable Development Goals to life through stories, by David Obura in Current Conversations 2021, 15.2

Explore the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and how the SDGs are being applied at Brock University.

Here is the link to an additional open access textbook by the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre: Environmental Sustainability in Practice


Academic journal articles: 

Szetey, K., E. A. Moallemi, E. Ashton, M. Butcher, B. Sprunt, and B. A. Bryan. 2021. Participatory planning for local sustainability guided by the Sustainable Development Goals. Ecology and Society 26(3):16.

Kawa, N. C., Arceño, M. A., Goeckner, R., Hunter, C. E., Rhue, S. J., Scaggs, S. A., … & Moritz, M. 2021. Training wicked scientists for a world of wicked problems. Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, 8(1), 1-4. 189.




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