Conestoga College's slogan: "What you do here...counts out there."
[What you do here counts out there]. Conestoga College, 2021.

You may have seen Conestoga College’s billboard slogan:

“What you do here…counts out there” (Bowman, 2011, para. 2).

Are you ready to go out ‘there‘ and begin this next stage of your life?

Whether you are preparing for a work-integrated learning opportunity, a part-time job, or a career, this book will guide you on how to:

  • Develop the professional attitudes, behaviours, and traits that employers really want
  • Increase your awareness of your personality traits, skills, abilities, and values, so you can find a job that fits
  • Create expert career documents and tools
  • Discover the most effective job search methods
  • Utilize social media to create a professional digital footprint
  • Master your interview skills to stand out from your competition

Our hope is that you will find career opportunities where you can apply what you have learned to achieve your personal and professional goals and work towards developing “an inclusive and sustainable global economy” (PRME Principles for Responsible Management Education, 2022, para. 2).

We are here to help you on this journey!

Current students: myCareer by Student Success Services

Graduates and job-seekers: Conestoga Career Centre


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