22 Online Job Search Websites

Employer Websites

Make a list of target employers and visit their websites often. Employers often receive so many resumes that they don’t always need to post their positions on a job board to attract interest. Therefore, by creating a list of employers that you may be interested in working for and frequently visiting their “Careers” section, you will ensure that you are seeing any available positions. If their websites have a resume bank, be sure to upload your resume. There are a number of different resources to help you develop a list:

Don’t forget to check hospital websites, educational institutions like Conestoga, government websites, and insurance company websites.

List your top organizations and keep track of their information:

Organization Contact Name Date Contacted Where did I hear about the company Notes / Follow Up

Online Job Boards and Search Engines

Although online postings are among the most highly populated job search methods used by job seekers, they only account for a portion of available jobs. Nonetheless, they are still a convenient way to look for employment, and for certain companies, this may be the only option. Once you have entered a site, you would typically use a search engine to find advertised jobs by inputting a keyword and location. Most of these online sites allow you to post your resume directly with the idea that an employer or recruiter may match you to a position and contact you directly. Review the following recommendations to improve your response rate:

  • While setting up and receiving targeted email alerts may be helpful, ensure that if you’ve posted your resume, you are updating your information regularly, as many recruiters are looking at resumes according to how recently they were posted.
  • Jobs are often listed by a range of different titles; remember to change your search criteria frequently to maximize your search results.
  • Lastly, don’t wait until the closing date to apply; the early bird catches the worm. If looking to fill an opening immediately, employers may start reviewing applications before the position closes.
  • Here is a list of common job-posting websites. (Because hyperlinks may change over time, you can Google “Job Search Ontario” to find your own list of sites.)

When you are using and creating profiles on multiple sites, it can be overwhelming to remember all the information. Record it in a safe space on your computer by using a tracking tool like this:

Web Site User Name Password Security Question (sometimes) Answer (only if question) Comments


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