27 Method 3: Business Networking Cards

Method 3: Make business networking cards.

Want to turn a random encounter in the coffee shop lineup into a fortuitous networking opportunity? Create a personalized business card.

For you as a serious job seeker, a networking card is essential if you want to be ready to leave a lasting impression (and your contact information!!) at chance meetings, job fairs, networking events, conferences, educational opportunities, and coffee-shop lineups.


  • Your NAME in a large, bold font
    Sample business cards which reads: Ellen Dilgert Health Office Administration Diploma April 2022, medical terminology, communication, adapability
    Sample networking card
  • Your title, diploma, or expected graduation date
  • A few of your strongest skills (be sure that they are relevant to the type of job you seek)
  • A link to your LinkedIn profile, digital portfolio, or another personal website (optional)

Be creative, select colours and styles that match your personality and your industry, and add a logo or design to really emphasize your brand.

Another example of a networking business card that reads Jeffery Singh, health office administration diploma april 2021, verbal communication, ms Office and EMR, teamwork.
Sample #2 student business card
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