Photo by Donald Giannatti, 2015 on Unsplash

I am so grateful to Holly Ashbourne, Library Technologist – eLearning and Digital Skills, Conestoga College ITAL, for many hours of copy editing, copyright proofing, accessibility compliance, suggestions and support. I could not have done this without you!

Many thanks to Nancy Weatherhead, Program Coordinator and Professor, Health Office Administration and Medical Office Practices, who created the career-development course that guided and informed this OER. I am so fortunate to work with you!

Thank you, Alice Michaud, Manager, myCareer Services, Conestoga College ITAL and Tao Cruikshank, Career Advisor, myCareer Services, Conestoga College ITAL, for providing me with resources.

Thank you, Kimberlee Carter, Open Educational Resource Consultant, for advising and getting me started on this undertaking, and for showing me the importance of OERs in our college system.


Cover photo is by Aaron Wilson, 2015. Reused under the Unsplash License.

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