18 Portfolio Sections and Content

Title Page

Include a cover page that indicates a title (Job Search Portfolio or Career Portfolio), your name, and your contact information.

Table of Contents

List all the sections of your portfolio and separate each section with dividers. This will allow you and the person viewing your portfolio to quickly and easily access the relevant information. In your digital portfolio hyperlink your table of contents.


Consider writing a short biography, a mission statement explaining who you are, or a professional philosophy about your vision of the future in this industry. How about using your 30-second elevator speech here?

  • Career Goals, Professional Development Plan: Include your career-focused SMART goals.
  • Cover Letter and Resume: Include copies of your most up-to-date documents.

Education and Training

 Professional Development Documents, Licenses, Memberships, Transcripts, Scholarships


  • Work Samples: Artifacts that you have created and that demonstrate a certain skill(s), team projects, presentations, written reports, webpages, blogs, volunteer and community service, images, and graphics.
    • Add a caption to each item, clearly indicating the transferable skills it demonstrates.
  • Acknowledgments: Letters of recommendation from community service or volunteer experience, certificates acknowledging performance at work, thank you letters/notes from clients or supervisors, reference letters from previous employers, employer evaluations, awards, customer satisfaction surveys, and appreciation emails.
    • Add a caption to each item, clearly indicating the transferable skills it demonstrates.


Include a copy of your references list.



hand holding a sign that says stop!There are certain items or pieces of information that should not be included in digital/electronic portfolios that are available on public platforms.

Do not include the following information:

  • your full address or student number on any item
  • another person’s name or contact information on any item
  • assignments you have completed at Conestoga College or other educational institutions. Sharing such assessments on third-party sites is considered a breach of Conestoga College’s Academic Integrity Policy.

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