Chapter 3: In Their Own Words: Career Stories From Graduates of the Fanshawe College Recreation and Leisure Services Program

3.10 Allie Vansteelandt, Supervisor Recreation & Sport

Community Recreation

Allie Vansteelandt

Supervisor Recreation and Sport, City of London

Current Employer City of London

Job Description: Recreation program delivery and community enablement/engagement. The Supervisor contributes recreation skills, expertise, and assets to the goal of building healthy/strong communities and neighbourhoods. Currently I oversee the Adult and Older Adult programs for the City of London.

Skills you use Professionally Program Planning, Event Management, Time Management, Networking, Communication.
Favourite Memory from time at Fanshawe The people I met, the camping experiences (both fall and winter) we had together and lastly travelling out west with 7 other students, living together, and experiencing our last placement of the program.
Credentials 2006 Recreation and Leisure Services Diploma



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