Chapter 3: In Their Own Words: Career Stories From Graduates of the Fanshawe College Recreation and Leisure Services Program

3.6 Justin Temple, Recreation Therapist

Active Living

Justin Temple

Recreation Therapist, C.P.R.I.

Current Employer Child and Parent Resource Institute (CPRI)

Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services Government of Ontario.
Job Description: provide assessment, consultation, education and treatment for children and youth with complex mental health and developmental challenges.

Skills you use Professionally A strong component of the program was working with in groups and teams. My current role has me working with in a several inter-disciplinary teams. The Fanshawe program prepared me for the challenges and rewards of working with group dynamic.
Favourite Memory from time at Fanshawe My favourite memory of the Fanshawe Recreation & Leisure program was going out into the community and getting practical, hands-on learning for how the recreation field actually works in it’s diversity.
Credentials 2006 Recreation and Leisure Services Diploma
Additional Credentials: Honours Degree in Sociology, University of Western Ontario


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