Chapter 3: In Their Own Words: Career Stories From Graduates of the Fanshawe College Recreation and Leisure Services Program

3.2 Julie Valeriote, Director of Entertainment Operations

Active Living

Julie Valeriote

Director Entertainment Operations, Norwegian Cruise Lines

Current Employer Norwegian Cruise Lines

Job Description: responsible for building and delivering the strategic entertainment vision for the company’s global fleet, via leadership in strategic planning; shipboard programming and experiences; budgeting; guest and hotel experience product innovations.

Skills you use Professionally Leadership, Managing people, Program Planning, Volunteering, How to go that extra mile as it always pays off.
Favourite Memory from time at Fanshawe I met my best friend in the Rec & Leisure program at Fanshawe, was in her wedding party and continue to be in touch with her regularly to this day.
Credentials 1999 Recreation and Leisure Services Diploma
Additional Credentials: Educational Assistant


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