Chapter 3: In Their Own Words: Career Stories From Graduates of the Fanshawe College Recreation and Leisure Services Program

3.1 Jeff Sadler, Professor

Rec & Leisure Industry Venn Diagram

Jeff Sadler

Faculty, Fanshawe College

Current Employer Fanshawe College

Job Description: Faculty, Program Co-coordinator for the Recreation and Leisure Services program: Collaborating with Faculty in oversight and delivery of the program contributing to curriculum design, program promotion, building community partnerships, field placements, and supporting students

Skills you use Professionally Leadership, Ability to communicate and build relationships, Team building, Teaching, Program Planning, Public speaking, Professional Development – Life long learning
Favourite Memory from time at Fanshawe My overall favourite recollection is the empowering experience of being in an educational program that valued, taught and nurtured leadership skills by providing countless opportunities to work and learn from extremely socially oriented, outgoing and creative peers. Many memories of class trips and placements to test your skills and learn from professionals.
Credentials 1979 Recreation and Leisure Services Diploma Graduate
Additional credentials: Pools Operation, Lifeguard Certification, Behaviour Management, College Educator Development Program


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