Chapter 3: In Their Own Words: Career Stories From Graduates of the Fanshawe College Recreation and Leisure Services Program

3.4 Jessica Diniz, Customer Experience Specialist

Sports and Leisure

Jessica Diniz

Customer Experience Specialist, Fresh Tracks Canada

Current Employer Fresh Tracks Canada

Job Description: book tours, create travel itineraries and provide needed documentation, process travel insurance, process payments, answer questions and concerns from clients.

Skills you use Professionally Computer Skills – Excel, Time Management, Professionalism, Problem Solving, Teamwork.
Favourite Memory from time at Fanshawe Planning our event in the Special Events class – having the passion for learning something new and then given the opportunity to utilize those skills in a real-life event. On event day, I felt so proud of myself and our team with the result.
Credentials 2019 Recreation and Leisure Services Diploma
Additional Credentials: Masters Boat Captain License, Certified to sell Travel Insurance


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