General Engineering (GNG)

Digital Circuit Projects: An Overview of Digital Circuits Through Implementing Integrated Circuits∗

Charles W. Kann (Gettysburg College)


Licence: CC BY 4.0

Digital circuits, often called Integrated Circuits or ICs, are the central building blocks of a Central Processing Unit (CPU). To understand how a computer works, it is essential to understand the digital circuits which make up the CPU. This text introduces the most important of these digital circuits; adders, decoders, multiplexers, D flip-flops, and simple state machines.

Format: PDF

Includes: Figures

Reviews: Open Textbook Library

Suggested for:
GNG 1102 Fundamentals of Computer Hardware


Responsible Innovation: Ethics, Safety and Technology∗

Joost Groot Kormelink (TU Delft)


Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Based on a MOOC on responsible innovation, this textbook provides a framework to reflect on the ethics and risks of new technologies.

Format: PDF

Includes: Case studies, questions, and web lectures

Reviews: Open Textbook Library

Suggested for:
GNG 1103 Engineering Design
GNG 5141 Creativity and Innovation


Technical Project Management in Living and Geometric Order – Third Edition∗

Jeffrey Russell, Wayne Pferdehirt, and John Nelson (University of Wisconsin-Madison)


Licence: CC BY 4.0

This textbook emphasizes the connections between the various stages and practices of technical project management.

Formats: Pressbooks WebBook, EPUB, PFD, and MOBI

Includes: Learning objectives, practical tips, infographics, and glossary

Suggested for:
GNG 2101 Introduction to Product Development and Management for Engineers and Computer Scientists
GNG 5100 Introduction to Engineering Management


Engineering Mechanics for Structures∗

Louis L. Bucciarelli (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

This text explores the mechanics of solids and statics as well as the strength of materials and elasticity theory. In addition to introducing the fundamentals of structural analysis, it combines and applies important concepts in engineering mechanics. Its many design exercises encourage creative student initiative and systems thinking. 

Format: PDF

Includes: Problem sets and solutions

Suggested for:
GNG 1105 Engineering Mechanics


A Brief Introduction to Engineering Computation with MATLAB∗

Serhat Beyenir (BC Institute of Technology) (OpenStax)


Licence: CC BY 4.0

Specifically designed for students with no programming experience, the strategic goal of the course and book is to provide learners with an appreciation for the role computation plays in solving engineering problems.

Formats: Online and PDF; online LibreTexts version

Includes: Study guide and problem sets

Reviews: Open Textbook Library

Suggested for:
GNG 1106 Fundamentals of Engineering Computation


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