36 International Development and Global Studies

International Development and Globalization (DVM)

Putting Knowledge to Work: Collaborating, Influencing and Learning for International Development∗

Edited by Luc J.A. Mougeot (International Development Research Centre)


Licence: CC BY 4.0

Dramatic changes in the ecosystem for international development are now pressing civil society organizations (CSOs) to invest more in knowledge to remain significant players. While the need for creative thinking and experimentation is greater than ever, there is still very little research published on challenges experienced and solutions found by CSOs as they adjust to the global changes underway.

Funders and beneficiaries are pressing CSOs to be more professional and efficient, and more strategic and impactful, but the key role that knowledge plays in the efforts of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) remains often underrated, even by NGOs themselves. Putting Knowledge to Work explores how the brains of such organizations actually function to deliver outcomes and impacts.

Upstream from end results themselves, the book examines how CSOs access, generate, apply, and grow their intelligence, knowledge, and know-how to protect children, improve public security, reduce ethnic discrimination, grow local value chains, expand water resources, and generally make our societies more inclusive and just. How do CSOs obtain the knowledge they need to accomplish these tasks? How do they cooperate with other organizations to produce workable knowledge? And how do they learn from practice to increase their impact?

This book should be read by students and researchers in the field of international development, and those who work at CSOs, in government, and for philanthropic organizations.

Format: PDF

Suggested for:
DVM 1100 Canada and the Challenges of International Development and Globalization
DVM 2106 Introduction to International Development Practices: Challenges and Innovations

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