Version 1.0 (June 2021)

The editor would like to thank the following individuals for their work and essential contributions to this guide:

Elif Gun, uOttawa Library Work-Study Student, 2020-2021 for compiling a list of courses, consulting existing OER guides, designing the cover, and reviewing the guide’s formatting.


The following librarians at uOttawa performed a high-level evaluation of the suggested OER to assess their match for specific courses. Their subject-area expertise proved invaluable:

Melissa Cheung, Research Librarian (Science and Engineering) – Reviewed: Biology, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and Physics

Marie-Cécile Domecq, Research Librarian (Health Sciences) – Reviewed: Nursing

René Duplain, Research Librarian (GIS) – Reviewed: Geography, Environment and Geomatics

Alain El Hofi, Research Librarian (Social Sciences) – Reviewed: Sociological and Anthropological Studies, and Feminist and Gender Studies

Majela Guzmán, Research Librarian (Social Sciences) – Reviewed: Economics, International Development and Global Studies, and Public and International Affairs

Ann Hemingway, Research Librarian (Arts) – Reviewed: English, Classics, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts

Jolene Hurtubise, Student Success Librarian – Reviewed: English (Writing)

Patrick Labelle, Research Librarian (Social Sciences and Education) – Reviewed: Psychology and Teacher Education

Catherine Lachaîne, Student Success Librarian – Reviewed: English (Writing)

Nigèle Langlois, Research Librarian (Health Sciences and STEM) – Reviewed: Nutrition

Valentina Ly, Research Librarian (Health Sciences and STEM) – Reviewed: Human Kinetics, Chemistry, and Chemical Engineering

Téa Rokolj, Research Librarian (Arts) – Reviewed: Communication, Linguistics, and Modern Languages and Literatures

Allison Smith, Research Librarian (Management) – Reviewed: Administration

Evan Sterling, Research Librarian (Science and Engineering) – Reviewed: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Mathematics and Statistics


Cecilia Tellis (Head, Design and Outreach) and Megan McMeekin (Inclusion Librarian) provided valuable and thoughtful feedback about the sections on Indigenization and Decolonization and Inclusion, Diversity, Accessibility, Anti-Racism, and Equity.


The first version of this guide was completed as part of the capstone project for the SPARC Open Education Leadership Program (2020-2021 cohort). Thank you to Stephanie Quail, Business Librarian, York University (SPARC Open Education Leadership Fellow 2017-2018 cohort) for her mentorship, advice, and support.


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