21 Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering (MCG)

All Things Flow: Fluid Mechanics for the Natural Sciences

William D. Smyth (Oregon State University)


Licence: CC BY-NC 4.0

The textbook covers fundamentals of basic flow processes, emphasizing on vortices, waves and hydraulic jumps.

Format: PDF

Includes: Homework exercises

Suggested for:
MCG 3340 Fluid Mechanics I
MCG 3341 Fluid Mechanics II


Introduction to Linear, Time-Invariant, Dynamic Systems for Students of Engineering∗

William L. Hallauer, Jr. (Virginia Tech)


Licence: CC BY-NC 4.0

The textbook covers the dynamic behavior of physical systems, with some emphasis on simple mechanical and electrical systems representative of or analogous to those often encountered in aerospace and mechanical engineering.

Format: PDF

Includes: Homework problems

Reviews: Open Textbook Library

Suggested for:
MCG 3306 System Dynamics
MCG 3307 Control Systems
MCG 4107 Dynamics II
MCG 4308 Mechanical Vibration Analysis


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