25 School of Human Kinetics

Human Kinetics (APA)

Anatomy and Physiology∗

J. Gordon Betts (Tyler Junior College), Peter DeSaix (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), and Eddie Johnson (Central Oregon Community College) (OpenStax)


Licence: CC BY 4.0

Anatomy and Physiology is a dynamic textbook for the yearlong Human Anatomy and Physiology course taught at most two- and four-year colleges and universities to students majoring in nursing and allied health. A&P is 29 chapters of pedagogically effective learning content, organized by body system, and written at an audience-appropriate level. The lucid text, strategically constructed art, inspiring career features, and links to external learning tools address the critical teaching and learning challenges in the course.

Formats: Online and PDF; online LibreTexts version

Includes: Key terms, review questions, and critical thinking questions

Reviews: Open Textbook LibraryeCampusOntario Open LibraryBCcampus

Suggested for:
APA 1313 Musculoskeletal Anatomy [section on Support and Movement – Chapters 5 to 11]


Boundless Anatomy and Physiology

Lumen Learning

2017 (updated version on LibreTexts)

Licence: CC BY SA 4.0

This is a comprehensive text covering topics ranging from the human body organ systems, immunology, human development, reproduction, nutrition, metabolism, disorders and ageing of organ systems.

Formats: Online and EPUB

Includes: Quiz files, flowcharts, and lecture slides

APA 1313 Musculoskeletal Anatomy [sections “Skeletal System,” “Skeletal System: Parts of the Skeleton,” “Joints,” and “Muscular System”]


Body Physics: Motion to Metabolism∗

Lawrence Davis (Umpqua Community College) (OpenOregon)


Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Body Physics sticks to the basic functioning of the human body, from motion to metabolism, as a common theme through which fundamental physics topics are introduced. This text covers introductory biophysics concepts, including body forces, body heat, and body composition measurement. 

Formats: Pressbooks WebBook, EPUB, PDF, and MOBI

Includes: Summaries, interactive reinforcement exercises, and laboratory activities

Reviews: Open Textbook Library

Suggested for:
APA 2114 Biomechanical Analysis of Human Movement


Biomechanics of Human Movement

Karine Hamm (Douglas College)


Licence: CC BY 4.0

This is a custom textbook catered to the needs of kinesiology students enrolled in a first-year biomechanics course. It has been modified from OpenStax College Physics and Anatomy and Physiology.

Formats: Pressbooks WebBook and PDF

Includes: Chapter and section summaries, examples, problems and exercises, glossary, and solutions

Suggested for:
APA 2114 Biomechanical Analysis of Human Movement


Exercise Science 335: Kinesiology & Biomechanics

Melissa Thompson (Fort Lewis College)


Licence: CC BY NC SA 4.0

The OER content in this course shell was originally intended for a 300-level Kinesiology & Biomechanics courseThe course is described as providing “an in-depth study of the basic body movements, osteology, applied myology, spatial relations of muscles and joints, aggregate muscle action, kinesiologic constructs of summation of internal forces, aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, techniques for cinematographical and noncinematographical analysis of sport skills. The study of methods, mechanics and analysis of movement as applied to the structure and function of the human organism will also be discussed”.

Formats: Online (course material can be downloaded)

Includes: Readings, assignments, and labs

Suggested for:
APA 2114 Biomechanical Analysis of Human Movement


Leisure Studies (LSR)

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