This open educational resource was compiled by students in EDUC 5303G – Technology in the Curriculum, a Masters course at Ontario Tech University. This work, which represents the culmination of a course assignment, is a collection of critiques and evaluations of digital technology tools that can impact the classroom and the administrative duties of teaching professionals. Each submission is the work and opinion of the original student author and is meant to provide a resource for practitioners or students of education in order to integrate technology into their teaching practice.

Open educational resources are an excellent way of providing highly accessible material that can be both edited and expanded upon by other contributing authors. The work of these student authors provides insight into the technology tool but also insight into the ways in which they perceive the tools themselves, the evaluation of the tool, and the students’ opinions in the context of professional teaching praxis.

On behalf of the students enrolled in EDUC 5303G, I would like to thank the Ontario Tech University OER Lab for their time and effort in making this publication a living document. Special thanks to Rebecca, Pranjal, and Ayman, whose hard work made this resource possible.

We hope you find this resource useful.

Dr. Joseph M. Stokes


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