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Thank You!

Thank you to the first students employed by the OER Lab for working hard to make this book a reality. Congratulations on your achievement!

Editors: Ayman Abdulkadir, Pranjal Saloni, Rebecca Maynard

Authors: Matthew McGravey, Chris Craig, Greg Vincze, Tammy Gerard, Michelle Parrish, Sarah Brathwaite, Hoi Man Leung, Tobie Pilloy, Lauren Luchka, Michael Bowman, Violet Bell Hogan, Kristen Riberdy, Alison Sprayson, Kristen Figliuzzi, Chris Cameron, Darren Bryant, Larissa Soos, Namita Patel, Nady Tannir, Allison Lennox, Oliver Pryce, Diana Danciu, Melissa Gopaul, Michelle Splinter, Ali MacDonald, Heather Currie, Jaclyn Wise, Robin Emond

Reviewers: Dr. Joseph M. Stokes

Project Manager: Sarah Stokes

About the OER Lab

Ontario Tech University is proud to host the OER Lab –  a student-run, staff-managed group that brings content and technological expertise to the timely creation of high quality OER that will be used directly in an Ontario Tech course by Ontario Tech students.

If you adopt this book, you will be using a work created by students as an experiential learning and employment opportunity. Please let us know if you are using this work by emailing

How to Attribute This Work

Suggested Attribution for This Work: Technology in the Curriculum produced by the OER Lab at Ontario Tech University, 2021, licensed under a CC BY NC SA 4.0 International License, unless otherwise noted.


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Technology in the Curriculum Copyright © by OER Lab at Ontario Tech University is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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