Describe layout and how to use. (write this out)

  • If can’t find resource by looking at discipline specific sections or resources by type, in Back Matter, search using the Search field in the top right corner of any page. (Give example.)
  • Laid out by discipline and sub-discipline
  • Back Matter contains resources by type, e.g. photos.
  • Licence type is noted by each resource.
  • Open textbooks that are not suitable for the B.C. Open Textbook Collection may be included. Some reasons that books may not be eligible for the Open Textbook collection include -ND licence restrictions and lack of editable files.
  • offer suggestions of what to search in addition to discipline specific chapters, e.g., try the various resources listed in the Back Matter such as courses (give an example)
  • see Google doc from OpenCon
  • See Github issue:


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