Mechanical Engineering


Intro to Motor Controls (CC BY)

Mechanical and electromagnetic control systems for both AC and DC systems will be studied. Ladder logic diagrams, starting and relay equipment used in control systems will be introduced.

Motor Controls (CC BY)

This course covers the following topics: Electrical Quantities, Electrical Tools, Electrical Test Instruments, Electrical Symbols and Diagrams, Control Logic, Alternating Current Motors and Transformers, Contractors and Magnetic Motor Starters, Control Devices, Timers, and Common Control Circuits.

Motors and Controls (CC BY)

This course contains materials to help the student to study, construct, test, and evaluate basic industrial control systems, including AC/DC motors, stepper motors, power sources, generators, tachometers, line diagrams and logic functions. Covers safety standards and preventive maintenance.


Animated Engines (Not an open licence, so read the Copyright Policy)

Here you’ll find animated illustrations that explain the inner workings of a variety of steam, Stirling, and internal combustion engines.

Electronics (CC BY-NC)

A collection of interactive learning objects that focus on concepts that cover a broad-based electromechanical program. Resouces are divided into the following categories: AC Electronics, Automation, DC Electronics, Digital, Generators / Distribution, Hydraulics, Ladder / PLCs, Mechanical Drives, Mechanical Linkages, Electric Motors, Pneumatics, Process Control, Safety, Sensors, Solid State, Information and Communications Technologies, and Variable Speed Drives.


Programmable Logic Controller (CC BY-NC-SA)

An open access peer-reviewed publication on programmable logic controllers. Each chapter is available for download as a PDF.



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