Ancillary Resources

Scientific Reasoning MCAT Modules (CC BY)

A series of eight modules developed by Oregon State University and designed to be used by instructors teaching introductory psychology courses to teach scientific reasoning skills.


R Psychologist (CC BY)

A blog about R, statistics, psychology, open science, and data visualization.

Open Courses

Lifespan Development (CC BY)

An open textbook covering human development over a lifespan with accompanying lecture notes, power point slides, and other resources.

Open Textbooks

Noba Project (CC BY-NC-SA)

A collection of psychology open textbooks. The Noba platform also allows you to customize textbooks or build your own. Many modules include instructor manuals, PowerPoint presentations, and test banks.

Psychology Textbooks (Licences vary)

A collection of psychology open textbooks.


Teach Psych Science (CC BY)

A website devoted to peer-reviewed resources for teaching research, statistics, and writing for psychological science.


Abnormal Psychology (CC BY-NC-SA)

A wiki on abnormal psychology developed by Dr. Caleb Lack and his students at the University of Central Oklahoma and Arkansas Tech University.


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