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Version Date Change Affected Web Page
1.0 February 20, 2018 Guide added as an open creation to B.C. Open Textbook Collection.
1.1 June 6, 2018
  • Organized content in each chapter by type of resource
  • Providing standardized information
1.2 August 2, 2018 New chapter added with resources. University Success
1.3 September 18, 2018 New resources added.  

Computer Science – General



University Success

1.4 September 24, 2018 New chapter added on Electrical Engineering. A number of new resources added. Engineering – General

New chapter: Electrical Engineering

1.5 September 25, 2018 Two new collections added. English
1.6 September 27, 2018 Two new chapters added. Multiple new resources added. New chapters: AutomotiveMechanicsMechanical Engineering, and Computer Engineering.

Chapters with new resources: Electrical EngineeringEngineering – GeneralPhysics, and Multidisciplinary.

Updated the About This Guide page to reorganize the information, add headings, and add information on the do-a-thon.


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