University Success


College Success Reading and Learning Objectives (CC BY)

Students first discover what they want from their education, then build a plan to get there. This content takes students through the steps to successfully navigate their journey in higher education. Topics include planning for success, choosing a career path, setting and attaining goals, understanding financial management, developing critical thinking skills, making healthy choices, using effective communication, managing time, developing learning strategies, developing meaningful relationships.

A Different Road to College: A Guide For Transitioning To College For Non-traditional Students (CC BY)

This book is designed to introduce students to the contextual issues of college in the United States. Non-traditional students have an ever-growing presence on college campuses, especially community colleges. This open educational resource is designed to engage students in seeing themselves as college students and understanding the complexity of what that means to their lives.


University Skills Video Series (CC BY)

The KPU Learning Centre’s YouTube channel with video collections on writing skills, time management, reading skills, and critical thinking.


Reading Texts: An Interactive Workshop (CC BY-NC-SA)

Reading Texts: An Interactive Workshop guides you through a series of videos and exercises to help you read efficiently and purposefully. The workshop as a part of the Academic Skills Workshop series developed by the KPU Learning Centres.


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