Module 1: Creating Intercultural Awareness and Understanding Attitudes

About This Module

This module focuses on helping you create awareness of your own and others’ cultural selves while introducing strategies to suspend judgement when you perceive people to be different from you. Through the content and interactive exercises, you will engage with real-life examples to understand and appreciate multiple cultural perspectives, as well as to develop the skill of self-reflection, which are important in intercultural interactions.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • identify what influences one’s judgement and demonstrate awareness of one’s distinct background,
  • identify at least two strategies to deal with stereotypes, bias, and microaggressions,
  • explain why specific attitudes, actions, and reactions are problematic,
  • identify at least two strategies to develop an appreciation for others’ perspectives and lived experiences.


You can refer to the glossary at any time to find definitions of these and other keywords:

Culture, Iceberg Theory, Ethnocentrism, Bias, Stereotype, Microaggression