Module 2: Expanding Your Intercultural Knowledge

About This Module

This module is focused on helping you deepen your knowledge and understanding of culture and how it influences interactions between people from the same or different cultures. You will explore values as indicators of cultural tendencies, gain an understanding of how cultural orientations are used to explain general tendencies across cultures, and you will learn about the role of nonverbal communication in intercultural contexts. This module encourages you to develop a global perspective while identifying ways to expand your knowledge about other cultures through engagement, relatability, and intentionality.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • understand the influence of culture in everyday behaviours and interactions
  • identify at least three potential issues arising from contrasting value orientations
  • explain potential difficulties involving nonverbal behaviour in varying contexts and provide suggestions for a positive outcome
  • identify at least two strategies to expand your knowledge of global issues


You can refer to the glossary at any time to find definitions of these and other keywords:

Cultural universals, Intercultural knowledge, Cultural values, Cultural orientations, Nonverbal communication