Module 3: Developing Your Intercultural Skills

About This Module 

This module is focused on helping you identify further strategies and develop intercultural skills that will continue to expand as you become an interculturally-minded individual. Key components in this module highlight the importance of continuous intercultural development to develop intercultural competencies, which are transferable across personal and professional contexts. The content will focus on the skills of listening and observing to practice taking information while avoiding relying on preconceptions. You will practice skills associated with critical thinking and evaluating as cognitive strategies to create meaning and enhance understanding of intercultural behaviours and events. Finally, you will explore strategies for connecting and communicating with others and developing empathy as skills to support your engagement across contexts.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • apply skills related to listening, observing, and thinking critically to evaluate responses to situations
  • identify at least five ways for building intercultural relations and developing cultural empathy
  • identify at least five ways to interact with cultural others by paying attention to the type of language used in communication
  • understand, explain, and articulate your own intercultural competence and identify at least five strategies to continue developing your intercultural skills


You can refer to the glossary at any time to find definitions of these and other keywords:

Active listening, Observation, Empathy, Critical thinking, OSEE tool