Module 2: Expanding Your Intercultural Knowledge

Further Resources and References 

Further Resources

Comisceo Global. (2021). Country and culture guides.

  • This website provides country and culture guides intended to be used as a general introduction to the diversity of countries around the world. It is NOT intended to create or reinforce stereotypes; it also provides ideas of what to do next to expand knowledge about the countries.

Billington Library. Intercultural communication fiction: A guide to novels about cultural rifts, connections, and divisions.

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The Wîcihitowin Conference Committee. (2017). Authentic Engagement of First Nations and Métis Traditional Knowledge Keepers. UAKN Urban Aboriginal Knowledge network.

  • This guide serves to learn and understand traditional values, beliefs, and practices from the voices of First Nations and Métis Knowledge Keepers.

University of Ottawa. (n.d.). Elders and traditional knowledge keepers: University of Ottawa guide to Indigenous protocols.

  • This guide is the result of close collaboration and representatives of Indigenous communities and the Indigenous Affairs at uOttawa.