1.0 What is Culture?

1.2 Cultural Impacts on Identity & Group Membership

Culture and identity

check mark iconCultural Impacts on Identity & Group Membership Checklist

Please read and complete all materials and activities before moving forward to Part 1.3.

☐ Read about Hierarchy and Dominant Culture
☐ Read and reflect on the the impact of Ascribed and Avowed Identities
☐ Watch the Youtube video “How our brains respond to people who aren’t like us”
☐ Watch Trecia’s video on In-group and Out-Group Attribution
☐ Reflection Note: Exploring Your Identity Workbook
☐ Complete the end of session question

heading iconBefore we proceed further let us get acquainted with some key concepts of Culture and Identity.

In-Group and Out-Group Attribution

Why won't they take me along. Ingroup bias. Preferential treatment is reserved for those who are considered a part of the ingroup. Cartoon drawing of a woman looking shy approaching a group of three other teenagers who look at her with disdain

2 images - image 1 (In-group): 3 individuals dressed the same. Middle individual holds 2 milkshakes, saying "Who wants a milkshake". All individuals smiling. Image 2: Out-group. 3 individuals. Middle individual is dressed differently than the others. One of the others asks, "spare milkshake?", middle individual says "well, this is awkward"

Now that you are aware of the concept of in- and out- groups, let us now discuss the biases involved towards the out-group members in general; and the in-group favouritism.

Downloadable version of the lecture slides.

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You can complete this activity in any way that you prefer – Word document, PDF, PPT, visual, audio, video, etc. We have also provided you with an online form below so that you can capture your reflections and export a copy of your work.

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