3.0 Unconscious Bias & Visioning

3.2 Aligning & Crafting Your Vision

Aligning and Crafting your Vision

check mark iconAligning & Crafting Your Vision Checklist

Please complete the readings and activities before attending the final synchronous session.

☐ Read the How to Combat Unconscious Bias Tool Kit
☐ Read the Golden, Silver, and Platinum Rules
☐ Watch Trecia’s video on Crafting Your Vision
☐ Reflection Note: Crafting Your Own Vision
☐ Attend the final synchronous session (don’t forget to bring your collection of reflection notes from Modules 2 & 3)

heading iconHow to Combat Unconscious Bias as an Individual

Always Remember the Three Rules

This is the last leg of your journey for this online workshop. Throughout this course, you have been guided to broaden your outlook, cultivate an open attitude, become aware of yourself, develop awareness of others, and understand various cultural differences via established cultural general frameworks. Now you will summarize your learnings and make an effort towards crafting your own vision that would exhibit your intercultural competence and self-efficacy.

reflection icon Reflection Note

In this video, your instructor guides you on how to align and draft your own vision. You are required to submit your drafted visions as part of your Module 2 & 3 Reflection Notes Assignment in order to complete this course.
You can complete this activity in any way that you prefer – Word document, PDF, PPT, visual, audio, video, etc. You can download the vision template here. We have also provided you with an online form below so that you can capture your reflections and export a copy of your work.

celebrate icon You’ve completed all of the Intercultural Modules!

Time to take a breath, relax, and pat yourself on the back.


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