1.1 Introduction to College Success

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Welcome Dear Students,

Congratulations, you made the decision to start your post-secondary education! Your first year in college will be especially important. For many students, the first year is the most challenging because of major changes: new people in your life, new independence, new responsibilities, new subjects to study, and new disciplines to embrace. Your greatest new challenge may be balancing school, your family, and a job. How will you maximize your time in college for the best advantage?

This textbook is created to help you navigate these changes and achieve success as a student. It will guide you in building upon your current talents, skills, and interests in order to gain new ones, including the following:

• Shaping your new college identity
• Recognizing your learning style
• Managing your time wisely
• Interacting with others
• Thinking and learning deeply
• Studying effectively
• Understanding professionalism as a student
• Demonstrating academic integrity
• Maintaining your health

In this course, we invite you to explore all of the habits of highly successful students. This will empower you to think deeply and reflect critically about your learning styles, learning preferences and much more!

In working through the topics in this OER, you will have opportunities to take self-assessments and conduct other activities that help you think about, reflect and apply the concepts you are learning. Many of the topics include videos and other media materials that provide a context for the information.

As you build new skills and integrate them into your daily life in college, you will be rewarded with success all the more.

Enjoy this course on Fundamentals for Success in College. Above all, stay motivated and celebrate each of your accomplishment!

“Remember that the word impossible means “I-am-possible”, anything is possible when you put your mind, heart and soul into it ”
– Pushpa Shah

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Image The Rock Sculpture by Priti Parikh 2021 California Diaries. All rights reserved. (Used with permission)


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