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Welcome to Centennial College

Your college experience is more than just going to class, reading textbooks, doing assignments and taking tests. It’s about experiencing all that Centennial has to offer you. Our campuses have numerous services that will provide you with support, keep you engaged, expand your learning and help you transition into college life. Take advantage of the services available to you. You’ll be happy you did!

Library Services

Use the library to:

• Access quiet study tables and spaces. Seating will be limited.
• Use computers on a first-come, first-served basis
• Use the photocopiers and printers
• Book a study room. Rooms can only be used by either individuals or groups.
• Browse the shelves and borrow items including books, board games & emerging technology equipment

Borrowing from the Library

In-person borrowing of library books & emerging technology equipment will resume as of March 28, 2022 onward or until further notice. For remote learners, use our new mail delivery book service.


Purchase your text books and other course related materials from the campus bookstore.


For store hours and location, or to place an order online, please visit your campus’ bookstore website using the link below:

CCSAI Student Hub

CCSAI is a not-for-profit organization that represents the students of Centennial College. CCSAI provides student-focused events, activities, services and facilities. Here students help students.

CCSAI Offerings

Campus Safety

To keep the College community safe, the following services are available to all members of the college:

Campus Services

Centennial College’s campus services provide valuable and supportive services such as parking and transportation, locker rentals and technology in the classroom. Find out where the prayer rooms and study areas are located on each of the campuses.

Student Services

Student Support


Services for Indigenous Students External Agencies and Resources

Student Health and Wellness

To get the most out of your education, it’s important to stay healthy. Access these service to help keep both your mind and body in shape so you’re active, sharp and ready to learn.

Career Services and Co-operative Education

The Career Services and Co-operative Education Department connects employers and job seekers with the right tools and services, in order to promote industry growth and career success.

Here to support you during your time here, Centennial Advising and Pathways Services (CAPS) has friendly and knowledgeable staff who can advise you on important information and resources throughout your college experience.

Create your program contact list here or use the link below to download a printable form

FOS Chapter 1.3 printable sheet

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Success Advisor

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Professors for all courses during the semester:


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