Unit Activities

Activity # 1 Application Activity on Your Reading Skills

Source: Content on this page is a derivative of “Reading and Notetaking: Summary” and “Reading and Notetaking: Rethinking” by Amy Baldwin, published by OpenStax, and is licensed CC BY 4.0. Access for free at https://openstax.org/books/college-success/pages/1-introduction.

Try an experiment with a group of classmates. Without looking on the Internet, try to brainstorm a list of 10 topics about which all of you may be interested but for which you know very little or nothing at all. Try to make the topics somewhat obscure rather than ordinary—for example, the possibility of the non-planet Pluto being reclassified again as opposed to something like why we need to drink water.

After you have this random list, think of ways you could find information to read about these weird topics. Our short answer is always: Google. But think of other ways as well. How else could you read about these topics if you don’t know anything about them? You may well be in a similar circumstance in some of your college classes, so you should listen carefully to your classmates on this one. Think beyond pat answers such as “I’d go to the library,” and press for what that researcher would do once at the library. What types of articles or books would you try to find? One reason that you should not always ignore the idea of doing research at the physical library is because once you are there and looking for information, you have a vast number of other sources readily available to you in a highly organized location. You also can tap into the human resources represented by the research librarians who likely can redirect you if you cannot find appropriate sources.

ACTIVITY # 2 : Test Yourself for Test Anxiety

Source: https://www.how-to-study.com/test-anxiety-assessment/

Everyone feels some anxiety about tests. However, too much anxiety can interfere with your test preparation and test taking. Take this 5-minute assessment to determine how much test anxiety you may have and what you can do about it.


  • Gain insight to your level of test anxiety
  • Determine your best strategies for lessening test anxiety


  • Visit the Test Anxiety Assessment at HowToStudy.com.
  • Click on the “Continue to Assessment” button. You have the option to take the test in Spanish.
  • Click on the best answer to each of the 35 questions.
  • When you’re finished, you’ll receive a brief assessment of your level of text anxiety. You can also click on a link to learn 20 ways to reduce your test anxiety.


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